The union A-League leaders collected nominations on behalf of popular chairman SM Baki Billah

Chatkhil Upazila Awami League Vice President and Member of Noakhali District Awami League, Hon’ble Member of Parliament of Noakhali 1 Chatkhil Sonaimuri Constituency Mr. HM Ibrahim MP Mr. Trustee SM Baki Billam Awami League of Ghatlabagh Union,
Leaders of Juba League and Chhatra League at all levels.

President of Union Awami League Abdullah Master, General Secretary SM Kabir Hossain, former President Abdul Matin Patwari, one of the leaders of Union Awami League Abdur Sabur and Layek Ali Fakhru were present.

Tofail Ahmed, former president of Narayanpur High School, Samchul Alam, general secretary of Qatar branch of Awami League, presidents of all wards, general secretaries and all UP members were present, Kabir Hossain, convener of Hatpukuria Union Juba League and Faruk Chowdhury, joint convener were also present.

Rajib Mahmud, one of the leaders of the Union Juba League, Uttam Chakraborty, the joint convener, Mohan Khan, the leader of the Union Juba League, Md. Omar Farooq Rana, the general secretary candidate of the Union Juba League, Farhad, Abdur Rahman Sajal, the former convener of the BCL Billah Andolan, Co-President Murad Hossain, Joint General Secretary Md. Jihad Hossain.

Also present were Jabed Hasan Pinku, one of the leaders of Union Chhatra League, Shubh Sheikh, a member of Union Chhatra League, Abhikhan, Ahad, Kajal, Riyadh and many other leaders and workers.